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Brand Tracking has been inaccessible

To measure where you stand as a brand, you need to feel the pulse of what consumers think and do. However, current brand tracking solutions are cumbersome.

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Manual setup requires time, effort and skilled resources

Expensive and unaffordable for most companies

Data difficult to interpret, inflexible and outdated presentation

Enter Dalia's BrandPulse

The voice of millions of consumers at the tap of a button.

With BrandPulse you get monthly or quarterly reports and standardised consumer surveys. With industry-leading speeds (it only takes 3 days from setup to results), Dalia BrandPulse allows you to reach your audience in more than 90 countries.

Track ad effectiveness over time, see real impact.

Know your audience and how to reach them.

Improve strategic positioning, be aware of your competition.

Brand Insights at the tap of a button

BrandPulse is making brand tracking accessible to companies of all sizes.


Immediate setup with few clicks.


Fraction of the industry's going rate.


Tailor-made, intuitive and customizable.

Tracking Changes

Standardised, consistent methodology across markets.

Historical Data

Accurate representation of your brand's growth.

Highly Customisable

Created and customised for your needs.

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